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About B.E.A.T.

Bull’s Eye Axe Throwing is Lansing’s first indoor axe throwing venue! Whether you are a first timer looking to try axe throwing, an experienced timber sports veteran who wants to practice their skills, or a competitor in our leagues; B.E.A.T. is the place to sink that bullseye.

Bull’s Eye Axe Throwing (yes, our acronym is actually B.E.A.T.) prides itself on being open to everyone, no matter who you are or your experience level. Wheelchair access has been at the forefront of our entire design to allow everyone to enjoy this sport.

After a year of brainstorming, building homemade targets (with adult beverages and some of our closest friends), our research lead us to discover that axe throwing is a real, legitimate sport. In fact, it's exploding across the country as more people begin discovering the satisfying thunk of their axe sinking into the bullseye. We couldn’t be more excited to invite you to B.E.A.T.!


The B.E.A.T. complex offers regulation lanes and rules that conform to The World Axe Throwing League (WATL). Our world-class Axe Throwing facility is a place for everyone to experience the thrill of the fastest growing sport and competition in the world and we’re handicap accessible. 

Book online, call, or email us to learn more about your individual or closed group session.

Our Lanes

We provide our guests with roomy lanes and safety features that ensure you have a fun and safe experience. You will be coached by our professional Axe Masters in your individual or closed group session that will guide you to the perfect throw.

Some Do's & Don'ts:

• Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled axe throwing session.

• Please fill out your waiver before you arrive, if possible. 
• All participants must wear closed toe shoes.

• You cannot wear high heals when throwing.
• Children 8 and older may throw.

• You can bring your own axe and it can be thrown once our Ax-Master approves it and it meets our guidelines.

• Yes, we are handicap accessible and you can throw from your wheelchair.


$20.00 Per person per hour
$35.00 for 2 hours


Tuesday 4-9pm

Wednesday 4-9pm

Thursday 4-9pm

Friday 4-9pm  

Saturday 12-9pm  

Sunday 12-8pm

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